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The Spirit Muse is Rev Katherine M Engel, MA, an Interfaith Minister.

1041 Grand Ave, #370, St Paul, MN, 55105


Weddings and Commitments

I'd be delighted to share your joy.  We have so many backgrounds, combining families, traditions and spirits is more complex than ever.  Synthesis is my gift; I can guide you through writing your own ceremony, or draft a piece specifically for you.  I begin with a series of questions to learn more about your own Paths and histories, then discuss which direction you'd like to head, creating a genuinely unique celebration of unity!

Home and Office Blessings

Photo courtesy of Minneapolis Star/Tribune newspapers

Many ancient traditions hold sacred the initiation of a new home.  The energies of our rooms can build up or tear down.  Drumming, chanting, smudging, ringing and singing are all brought to bear to clear out the old and bring in the new.  Blessings, healing, prosperity and joy may be invited into your space.  You can have a ceremony with or without a celebratory party, alone or with a group, each year or any time you are new to a space.  This can be a light-hearted yet powerfully enabling ritual.  Read Minneapolis Star/Tribune Article

Funerals and Memorials

As a culture, this is the life event we have the least experience with and often find the most challenging.  I can work with you, explore your hopes and fears, help sort out the details and create a ceremony of letting go that will allow you to honestly mark this sometimes difficult rite of passage and begin healing.

Baptisms – Namings – Baby Blessings

A name carries with it so much!  A naming is often loosely included in the traditional Christian infant Baptism.  Certainly older than Baptism is the choosing and giving of a name within a community context, which can, knowingly or not, influence a person's entire character and behavior.  I create Blessing ceremonies honouring the inherited traditions of the new child and lifting up the entire community to which it belongs.  Together, let’s mark the significance of this precious life!

Spiritual Counseling

Confused? Seeking? Grieving or ashamed?  Unsure how to delve deeper on your Path?  I would be honoured to talk with you about where you've been and where you're going, exploring this splendid universe with you, examining the questions that we humans grapple with. My eclectic background and "real world" experience help me relate to where you are on your journey.

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